Monday 26 September was European Day of Languages, a chance to celebrate the 6000+ languages spoken across the world.  At Plasmawr, we've been celebrating languages all week, with decorations in the school reception, morning assemblies and Taster Language sessions at lunchtime.

This Friday, we are asking all members of Plasmawr (staff and pupils) to contribute £1 to wear 'non uniform' as well as an item of clothing or accessory from a foreign country (a Sombrero, Beret, an overseas football shirt or something more exciting...).  Half of the money raised will go to charity and the other half will go towards the Pupil Language Ambassadors Fund to enable them to organise events to promote language learning.  We would also like pupils to bring some extra money to school on Friday to buy some of the foreign food that will be on sale at break time and lunchtime. Diolch, Merci, Gracias, Grazie, Danke, Thank you.


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